Make your Commercial Cleaning business more efficient with mobile data collection

Streamline communication and process using mobile forms to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Simplify existing workflows and communication for onboarding, training, auditing and compliance tasks.

Improve data capture & convert your existing paper-based documents into digital forms to transform how you collect, process and manage business data.

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Culverdocs provides expert data collection services for Make your Commercial Cleaning business more efficient with mobile data collection

Maximise operational efficiency by distributing HR paperwork electronically including employee contracts, changes to terms, holiday and leaver notifications.

Send periodic clean and job tasks, monitor progress and easily designate tasks to mobile teams based on location.

Centralise PPE and consumable orders to ensure employees are supplied with the correct equipment and reduce costs associated to duplication or excess orders.

Complete routine auditing across sites to improve services, identify trends, provide your clients with reports and seamlessly notify the relevant team when issues arise.

Time & Attendance tracking with timesheet submissions and clocking reports. Accurately report on each employees worked hours with GPS tracking, location verification and facial recognition.

Guarantee compliance by submitting and monitoring employee DBS requests. Simple status reporting for inductions, H&S and COSHH training for all operatives.

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Use our 20 pre-built templates for Make your Commercial Cleaning business more efficient with mobile data collection or create your own.

Change to Terms & Conditions
Cleaning Audit - Items
Cleaning Audit - Rating
Contract of Employment
DBS Information Request
Employee Identification
Employee Induction Checklist
Employee Salary Adjustment
Facility Incident Reporting
Health and Safety Checklist
Leaver Checklist
Machine Fault Report
Office Cleaning Checklist
Personal Holiday Request
Personal Information Change
PPE Issue
PPE Order
Return to Work
Vacancy Request Form
Vehicle Inspection Report

Build feature rich forms to suit your exact business needs

Configure your fields, layout and workflow to guarantee accuracy and guide your users through completing business critical forms. Extensive configuration options, logic and workflows allow you to design and deliver the perfect form.

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The Culverdocs form designer makes creating custom digital forms for Make your Commercial Cleaning business more efficient with mobile data collection a simple process

Quality Audits & Performance Monitoring

Complete routine audits to monitor cleaning standards & service levels, provide assurance and notify the relevant individuals when areas require attention. Customise all audit tasks to suit your methodology and client expectations, ranging from simple room scoring to detailed check-lists based on room location, types and categorisation. Pre-load Site and Room information to guide managers and streamline the process to promote frequent audits and guarantee the level of service that clients expect.

Quality Audits & Performance Monitoring

Fully customisable to what and how your business completes audits.

Instantly notify managers via email when exceptions are reported at your sites.

Integrate with existing FM systems for instant delivery and analysis.

Centralised Documents & Workflows

Paper-based systems often lead to transcribing mistakes, administrative error and delayed communication resulting in unhappy clients and employees. Utilise mobile data capture to improve accuracy, tailored to fit your unique business requirements. Securely store, view and distribute business critical data from a single dashboard. Fully customisable workflows allow you to distribute forms where and when you want, including third party systems, portals or intranet to keep the business informed and make faster decisions.

Centralised Documents & Workflows

Instantly deliver forms directly to employees, clients or third party systems.

Configure retention policies or search and delete data in line with GDPR regulations.

Human Resources

New clients, starters and leavers can incur a lot of paperwork. Simplify the entire process through mobile forms to notify the relevant departments and distribute forms automatically to eliminate manual processing. Customise forms around unique business processes to guide managers through capturing the information that is required for onboarding and TUPE within a single app.

Human Resources

Support recruitment, provide and retain interview feedback to reduce future costs.

Email Contracts and Changes to Terms with electronic signatures.

Standardise employee DBS checks, induction, H&S and COSHH training.

Job Dispatch & Track

Dispatch periodic and ad-hoc cleans with a single click, improve response and communicate requirements to the operatives and mobile teams in field. Track completion and optionally request site visit and client satisfaction feedback.Improve operations with pro-active scheduling for all business forms such as equipment health checks, recurring training feedback through to weekly checks for fleet vehicles.

Job Dispatch & Track

Forms can be built and scheduled for any data that's critical to your business.

Keep clients up-to-date on completion and provide evidence to enhance services and reduce queries.

HR Management

Quality Control & Audits

Machinery Audits

Fault Reporting

Job Management

Electronic Contracts

Satisfaction Reporting

Stores and Consumable Ordering

PPE Control